From Fermilab Today: “Neutrinos make a splash in SciBath detector at Fermilab “ 

Neutrinos are all the rage in High Energy Physics today. They are in the white hot spotlight. So, here is Fermilab in this emergent area:

Brad Hooker
Friday, Nov. 4, 2011

“The latest underground dweller in the MINOS tunnel is SciBath, a neutron and neutrino detector designed and built by an Indiana University team. Scientists are using the detector cube, which is about the size of a mini fridge, to track neutrons and neutrinos more effectively and economically.

The internal components of SciBath, a neutron and neutrino detector, include liquid scintillator and wavelength-shifting fibers. Photo courtesy of Rex Tayloe, Indiana.

Originally a prototype for a 10-ton version called FINeSSE, SciBath has taken center stage for the project. It’s mounted to a cart that has been craned into the MINOS tunnel, 100 meters underground.

‘SciBath is the first experiment to combine liquid scintillator and wavelength-shifting fibers in an open volume to get tracking precision,’ said Rex Tayloe, associate professor in neutrino and nuclear physics. ‘We’ve put two ideas together into one to get an improved detector to track charged particles.'”

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