From Los Alamos Labs: “Stellar science unveiled at space conference” 

Los Alamos National Laboratory staff speak on technologies for planetary exploration and analysis

This week Los Alamos National Laboratory will be represented in more than 20 papers to be given at the 42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston. The papers include

* Mars, lunar, and Venus analog studies.

* Statistical treatments of LIBS (laser-induced breakdown) data,

* Calibrations of the ChemCam and CheMin instruments for Mars.

* Rationale for lunar polar exploration.

* Studies of the response of the Martian subsurface ice and groundwater.

* Reactions of clay minerals with sulfur-rich brine.

* New measurements of the solar isotopic composition, based on solar-wind samples collected by the Genesis mission.

* Analysis of 40 years of compiled solar-wind data, and comparison with the sample collected by Genesis.

* Simulations of the Genesis Solar Wind Concentrator. This is the only one among the various LANL instrument to return from space, and it brought back some of the few undamaged samples from the Genesis mission.

The above work was funded by NASA and by laboratory directed research and development programs.

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Genesis payload
Genesis payload.