Crunchers!! Remember LHC@home? Alive and Well !! 


LHC@home has this new address, the cool logo above, and a story to tell.

Removed from CERN to University of London (read the story), reconstituted and renamed, LHC@home 1.0 Six Track lives and will have work.

If you still have the original attached, detach and go to the project page and get the new URL with which to attach. You will be fine, your CPID will be fine (I just checked mine), you will see all of your projects in the usual list, your team will be fine, even the message boards will accept you.

Let’s build this project back up. Check BOINCStats. This project has enjoyed the work of over 90,000 users on 234,000 hosts over its history. Now it’s 2096 hearty souls on 5346 hosts.

Please join me.

Now, isn’t that special?