A Little Time Out: The Lamy 2000 Writing System 

I have been a collector of writing instruments for quite some time. My collection includes Parker 51, Sheaffer Targa, Cross, Montblanc and, the star of my show, the Lamy 2000.

The Lamy 2000 is simply the finest and most complete system made. It includes the Fountain pen, ball point, roller ball and pencil. The fountain pen is a piston type with a variety of nib widths. My fountain pen has written smoothly for years. I choose to use Waterman ink products.

Fountain Pen

The ball point uses the M16 refill in blue, black, red and green. It always writes freely and smoothly and is long lasting.

Ball Point

The pencil comes in .5 and .7. It is a push type injector pencil, vastly superior to the Montblanc twist mechanism.


The Rollerball uses the M63 refill in blue, black, red and green. It is a smooth and long lasting refill.


Even the pocket clips are uniquely engineered on a spring system so that one can put them in a shirt pocket with ease.

Sorry if this bored you. No one paid me to write this post. I simply believe in this product.