The ESO: How Cool – Bouncing Images Off the Moon!! 

ESO Travels to the Moon and Back During its 50th Anniversary Year

ESO says-

“On 21 April 2012, amateur radio operator Jan van Muijlwijk pointed the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope in the Netherlands at the Moon. Radio waves carrying a digital version of the ESO’s 50th anniversary logo were then transmitted into outer space from Howard Ling’s amateur radio station in England. After the signals bounced off Earth’s natural satellite they were picked up by Jan, less than three seconds later, after a round trip of about 800 000 km. The result can be seen in this image which literally traveled to the Moon and back.

ESO anniversary logo Moonbounced

Patrick Barthelow, who works with Echoes of Apollo and is a keen promoter of Moonbounce [1] outreach and STEM [2] education activities was the initiator of this project to mark ESO’s 50th anniversary. Artist Daniela de Paulis ( is the one who first put forward the idea to Moonbounce images and continues to apply her professional experience in this direction.

We invite you to join the celebrations of our anniversary either by taking part in our activities such as the AwESOme Universe anniversary exhibition or by initiating your own as Patrick did. Do not forget to tell us about them so we can share them with everyone.”


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