From US/LHC Blogs via Quantum Diaries: “A new era in Australian particle physics…” 

By Blogger Anna Phan

Anna Phan

A new era in [Australian] particle physics…

“Yesterday was the official opening of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP). The Centre is a collaborative research venture that brings experimental and theoretical physicists together from around the country to coordinate research regarding terascale particle physics with a concentration on ATLAS.

According to the Australian Research Council, a Centre for Excellence is a prestigious hub of expertise … in research areas of national priority. The application process for such a Centre is a very long and drawn-out process, but well worth it if successful with the CoEPP having been awarded around $25 million over seven years.

Such a large injection of funding drives the rapidly changing state of Australian particle physics. For example, the ATLAS experimental particle physics research group at the University of Melbourne where I did my PhD now has five new postdocs and one new academic, while the theoretical particle physics research group has three new postdocs. There are interesting times ahead…”


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