From Fermi National Accelerator Lab: “First known FESHM 10200 critical lift”

FNAL Art Image
FNAL Art Image by Angela Gonzales

From Fermi National Accelerator Lab , an enduring source of strength for the US contribution to scientific research world wide.

June 17, 2020
Jeff Brandt

The Magnet Systems Group is back to work in HAB, building the Mu2e transport solenoid magnets. We performed what we believe is the first “critical lift” under the new FESHM 10200 Lift Plans chapter on Wednesday, June 3. This is test unit TSUN08 in its warm testing position. Photo: Jeff Brandt

Our group used two cranes to rotate test unit TSUN08 from the bore-tube-horizontal warm testing position (seen in the top picture) to the bore-tube-vertical cold testing position (seen here). Photo: Jeff Brandt

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FNAL MINERvA front face Photo Reidar Hahn


FNAL Muon g-2 studio

FNAL Short-Baseline Near Detector under construction

FNAL Mu2e solenoid

Dark Energy Camera [DECam], built at FNAL

FNAL DUNE Argon tank at SURF


FNAL Don Lincoln


FNAL Cryomodule Testing Facility

FNAL MINOS Far Detector in the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota

FNAL LBNF/DUNE from FNAL to SURF, Lead, South Dakota, USA

FNAL/NOvA experiment map

FNAL NOvA Near Detector


FNAL Holometer