From astrobites: “Flux Tube Bundles in Neutron Star Super-Mixture”

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Dec 11, 2017
Lisa Drummond

Title: Flux tubes and the type-I/type-II transition in a superconductor coupled to a superfluid
Authors: Mark G. Alford, Gerald Good

Status: Published Phys. Rev. B, open access

Physicists are fascinated by neutron stars because their dense interior acts as a laboratory for exotic materials beyond what we find on Earth. Today’s paper suggests that flux tubes, which are quantum objects that exist in superconductors, could form bundles inside a neutron star – this unusual behaviour challenges the standard picture we have of terrestrial superconductors.

Figure 1. Interior structure of a neutron star. In particular, observe the superfluid-superconductor mixture in the core of the star. Image taken from

See the full article here .

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