From Manu Garcia: “Great Barred Spiral Austral”

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NGC 1365

Turning 61 million away in the constellation Fornax (the Furnace), light years is the huge galaxy NGC 1365 . Extension of 200,000 light-years is one of the largest galaxies known to astronomers. This, combined with the sharply defined old star bar along its structure also leads to be known as the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy. Astronomers think that the Milky Way must be very similar to this galaxy, but half the size. The bright center of the galaxy is due, it is believed, to huge quantities of superheated gas, ejected from the ring of material rotating about a central black hole. Bright and hot young stars that emerge from interstellar clouds give the arms an outstanding appearance and a blue color. Barred spiral galaxy and the broken one complete revolution in 350 million years.

This image combining observations performed through three different filters (B, V, R) with the Danish 1.5m telescope at ESO La Silla Observatory in Chile.

ESO 1.5 m Danish Telescope Interior

ESO Danish 1.54 meter telescope at La Silla, 600 km north of Santiago de Chile at an altitude of 2400 metres.

ESO / IDA / Danish 1.5 m / R. Gendler, JE. Ovaldsen, Thöne C., and C. Feron.

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