From Manu: “the superbubble n44”

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N44 Copyright and copyright credit: Gemini Obs., Aura, NSF

The immense emission nebula N44 in our neighboring galaxy, the great Large Magellanic Cloud, has a great 250-Light-year hole and astronomers are trying to figure out why. One possibility is that the particle winds driven out by mass stars inside the bubble that push out the gas that shines brightly.

Large Magellanic Cloud. Adrian Pingstone December 2003

However, this response was found to be inconsistent with wind speeds. Another possibility is that the expanding shells of old supernovas have sculpted the unusual space cavern. Recently detected an unexpected runway of x-Ray Hot gas that escaped from the superbubble N44. The featured image was taken in three very specific colors by the GIANT GEMINI 8-metre telescope at cerro pachón in Chile.

NOAO Gemini Planet Imager on Gemini South

Gemini South telescope, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) campus near La Serena, Chile

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