From FNAL: “Bs matter-antimatter oscillations go at 3 trillion times a second”

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FNAL Art Image by Angela Gonzales

Fermilab is an enduring source of strength for the US contribution to scientific research world wide.

June 13, 2017
Troy Rummler

The Standard Model of physics makes some not-so-standard predictions about our universe.

The Standard Model of elementary particles (more schematic depiction), with the three generations of matter, gauge bosons in the fourth column, and the Higgs boson in the fifth.

Fermilab has pioneered extremely precise technologies that put these theories to the test, including the CDF experiment, which confirmed in 2006 that, yes, a Bs (pronounced “B sub s”) meson actually does switch between matter and antimatter 3 trillion times a second.

FNAL Tevatron

FNAL/Tevatron map

FNAL/Tevatron DZero detector

FNAL/Tevatron CDF detector

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