From Manu: “Orion: the belt, the flame and the head of horse”

Manu Garcia, a friend from IAC.

The universe around us.
Astronomy, everything you wanted to know about our local universe and never dared to ask.


A deep exposure shows everything from the dark nebula to star clusters, all embedded in an extended patch of gaseous prepared in Orion’s largest molecular cloud complex. The three brightest stars, which appear diagonally to the left of the featured image are in fact the famous three stars that make up Orion’s belt. Right below, the lowest of the three stars of the belt, is the Flame Nebula, lit with hydrogen gas aroused and submerged in dark brown dust filaments. Just to the right of alnitak lies the head of horse, a dark indent of dense dust that has perhaps the most recognizable forms of in the sky. The Dark Molecular Cloud, approximately 1.500 Light-years away, is catalogued as Barnard 33 and is seen mainly because it is backlight by the nearby massive star Sigma Orionis. The Horse-Head Nebula will slowly change its apparent form over the next million years and will be destroyed by the high energy light of the nearby stars.

Image Credit and rights reserved: Rogelio Bernal Andreo (deep colors of heaven)

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