La sword of Orion by Steven Mazlin


In this image taken by Jim Misti in Arizona, added new data to the Dr Steven Mazlin contributed the shots made in Pennsylvania. The composition and reprocessed resulting you can see in the image that we present today in magical universe. “Indeed, it is instructive to see how the dark sky of Arizona enables us to capture the faint reddish tone of haziness which is not seen in the image of Pennsylvania” says Steven on its website. The image captures the decides of the great and small nebulae of Orion, M42, and M43 respectively, as well as other nebulas as for example, the nebula of the athlete usually known as Running Man or NGC 1977.

Colors that sees the image highlight textures of nebulae as molecular cloud that surrounds them. Make up perfectly visible Orion’s belt stars Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, appearing instantly to any observer in the dark nights in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. the sword of the Hunter, which seems to be made up of a few weak stars, which are resolved in a remarkable way only with a small telescope can be seen from the belt downward. Inside of the Orion Nebula is an open star cluster, which include 4-star forming a cluster, and giving its name to the cluster. Technical details .

Original photography

Credit: Steven Mazlin / Jim Misti

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