From Manu: “Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744”

Manu Garcia, a friend from IAC.

The universe around us.
Astronomy, everything you wanted to know about our local universe and never dared to ask.


The Spiral Galaxy NGC 6744 big, beautiful has almost a size of 175.000 light years, is bigger than our own milky way. It is located about 30 million light-years away in the southern constellation of turkey which appears as a weak object using small telescopes. We see the disc of the nearby island universe tilted to our line of sight. This remarkable, distinguished and detailed portrait of the galaxy covers an area around the angular size of the full moon. In It, the core of the yellowish giant galaxy is dominated by the lights of old stars and fresh. Beyond the nucleus, the spiral arms filled with young blue star clusters and regions of star formation rosaceae sweep beyond a satellite galaxy smaller in the bottom left, reminiscent of the satellite galaxy of the milky way, the great Magellanic Cloud.

Image Credit & Copyright: Daniel Verschatse

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