From Manu: “the Hungry Supermassive Black Hole of the Galaxy NGC 4845”

Manu Garcia


This image shows the spiral Galaxy NGC 4845, located more than 65 million light-years away in the constellation of Virgo. The orientation of the galaxy clearly reveals the spiral structure surrounding a bright galactic core.

The Glowing Center of NGC 4845 contains a black hole, known as ‘supermassive black hole’. It can be inferred from the presence of a black hole in a distant galaxy as NGC 4845 effects caused by the inner stars in the galaxy. These stars are experiencing a strong gravitational pull of the central supermassive black hole and swirling around the galactic center at a speed freak.

When investigating the motion of the inner stars, astronomers can estimate the mass of the central black hole. It is estimated that the black hole of NGC 4845 is hundreds of millions of times more massive than the sun. This same technique was used to discover the supermassive black hole at the center of our milky way Galaxy (Sagittarius a *, sag to *), which is 4 million times more massive than the sun.

THE GALACTIC CENTER OF NGC 4845 is not only a supermassive is also super-hungry. In 2013 a group of astronomers was watching another galaxy when I noticed a violent flame in the center of NGC 4845. The Blaze came from the black hole to tear and gobble down an object several times more massive than Jupiter. A Brown dwarf or a giant planet ventured too close to the centre and was eaten by the black hole of NGC 4845.

Photo Credit:
NASA / ESA / Hubble

NASA/ESA Hubble Telescope

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