From Manu: “NGC 4565, a galaxy view of singing”

Manu Garcia, a friend from IAC.

The universe around us.
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Astronomers don’t think our galaxy the Milky Way is as thin as the galaxy of the image, this is the magnificent spiral Galaxy NGC 4565 as viewed from the planet earth, is also known as the Needle Galaxy for her narrow profile. THE BRILLIANT NGC 4565 is a must stop on many trips telescopic north of heaven, located in the constellation weak but well cared for Coma Berenices.

From midnorthern latitudes, Coma Berenices can be seen in the eastern sky after twilight has ended. Look for a scattering of stars between the tails of the Great Bear and the Lion.

This image clear and colorful reveals the core bulging of the galaxy cut by the dark dust lanes that fit the galactic plane fine of NGC 4565. An Assortment of other galaxies in the background is included in the beautiful field of vision with the neighboring galaxy NGC 4562 situated in the upper left of the image. NGC 4565 lies about 40 million light-years away and spans about 100.000 light-years in size. Easily detectable with small telescopes, consider heaven enthusiasts to NGC 4565 a prominent lost heavenly masterpiece the Messier catalog.

Image Credit & Copyright: Loránd Fényes

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