From IAC Lee: ” The Chandra Observatory of NASA found new evidence about the origin of supernovas. The supernova remnant of Tycho”


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The supernova remnant of Tycho. Credit: NASA / Cxc / Chinese Academy of sciences / f. Lu et al.

NASA/Chandra Telescope

This image is an image of the supernova remnant of Tycho, Tycho for short, contains new evidence of what was the mechanism that originated the supernova explosion in the skies of earth 1.572 CE. Tycho originated by a supernova explosion type 1a supernovae, these are used to measure the cosmic distance and the expansion of the universe due to his tremendous starshine.

X-Rays of medium and low energy is represented in red showing us the remains of the debris from the supernova explosion, x-Rays of high-Energy Blue represented reveal the shockwave of the blast, a shell of high-energy electrons. Also shown in bottom left region of tycho a blue bow of x-Ray emission. Several lines of evidence supporting the conclusion that this bow is due to a shock wave created when a white dwarf exploded and blew the surface material from a companion star nearby. Previously, the studies with optical telescopes have revealed a star within the remnant that is moving much more quickly than their neighbours, indicating that it could be the companion of the white dwarf that erupted giving the supernova explosion a cosmic kick to this star who made That displace so abruptly.

Other details of the arch support the idea of who was cast out away from the companion star. For example, the emission of x-Ray shows a remnant of the “Shadow” apparent next to the arch, consistent with the blocking of the remains of the explosion by the cone of expansion of the material he was robbed of his partner. This shadow is more obvious in x-Ray very high energy showing traces of iron.

This evidence supported a popular scenario to be triggered a type ia supernova, where a white dwarf extracted material from a companion star “normal”, or similar to the sun, until it produces a thermonuclear explosion. In the other main competitive theory, happens a fusion of two white dwarfs, and in this case, no star partner or evidence of material ripped from a partner must exist. Both scenarios can happen really under different conditions, but the final result of Chandra of tycho supports the previous one.

The shape of a bow is different from any other feature seen in the remnant. Other features inside the remnant include the stripes announced recently that have a different way and you think to be features in the wave of external explosion caused by the acceleration of the cosmic ray.

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