From Sean Carroll: “The Big Picture” in Paperback

Sean Carroll

SEan Carroll, Caltech


Today we’re happy to announce that you can finally complete your set by purchasing the paperback edition of TBP. The cover is even shinier than before! Paperbacks, as we all know, make great gifts, whether as romantic tokens for the special someone in your life, or gestures of conciliation toward your bitter enemies.

I have to confess that I not only had great fun writing this book, but have been quite gratified by its reception. Of course there were doubters — and regretfully, most of the doubters have seemed to argue against their own preconceptions of what they thought the book would say, rather than what it actually did say. But a good number of people have not only enjoyed the book, but engaged with its ideas in a serious way. Here are some reviews that came out after hardcover publication a year ago:

Anthony Gottlieb, The New York Times
Tim Radford, The Guardian
Brian Keating, Physics Today
Sabine Hossenfelder, Backreaction
Sara Lippincott, The Los Angeles Review of Books
Cait McPhee, Times Higher Education
G.D. Winner, Audiophile

In case you still aren’t sure what the book is about (it’s about matching the fundamental laws of nature to the world of our everyday experience), here are the brief discussions of the individual sections we had right here on the blog:

1. Part One: Cosmos
2. Part Two: Understanding
3. Part Three: Essence
4. Part Four: Complexity
5. Part Five: Thinking
6. Part Six: Caring

Or if you’re more audiovisually inclined, a talk I gave at LogiCal-LA back in January of this year:
Sean Carrol The Big Picture – On the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself

Over one hour