From TRIUMF: “TRIUMF’s science competitiveness affirmed”


June 23, 2016 [Competitive, but not timely, this just appeared in social media.]
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The Government of Canada announced $460 million in funding for basic research through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) 2016 competition for the discovery research programs. These programs support researchers and students and include funds for scholarships, fellowships, research supplements and equipment.

TRIUMF research was the direct beneficiary of close to $2 million in funding through grants to staff and lab-associated scientists. The projects supported span a broad range of fields from theoretical and experimental investigations of atomic nuclei, to ATLAS detector upgrades at the Large Hadron Collider. The success in securing these NSERC grants affirms the quality and competitiveness of TRIUMF’s scientific program across its full breadth.

One highlight was the individual grant to Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Hoehr of TRIUMF , for her proposal “Novel Production Methods of Medical Isotopes: Securing Canada’s Supply Chain”.
Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Hoehr

Congratulations to all the grant recipients! TRIUMF is proud of your work and the attention it has brought to the lab’s scientific mission.

Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Hoehr

It was notable for being Conny’s first Discovery Grant as a recent Board Appointed Employee, and for NSERC’s support of an applied physics project in support of TRIUMF’s nuclear medicine program.

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