From Science Vibe: “Yellowstone Sits On Restless Volatile Supervolcano! The World’s Biggest? [ includes video]”

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February 16, 2016
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There is a giant Supervolcano sitting underneath Yellowstone and scientists say it will erupt again and that the only real question is “when”, and not “if”. There are three things that indicate an imminent volcano eruption: 1) earthquakes, 2) land deformation, and 3) changes in thermal activity like an increase in geyser activity and higher water temperatures. Scientist say that all three indicators are present at Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone Plateau is a ‘geomorphic landform’ and the is no question that one day the restless giant will awakened and erupt into a massive explosion. Magma which is molten rock from the Earth’s mantle has been near the surface for almost 2 million years making extremely volatile. The resurgent domes inside the Yellowstone Caldera and magma may be as little as 3–8 miles beneath Sour Creek Dome and 8–12 miles beneath at Mallard Lake Dome. The domes lift and subside when magma activity and hydrothermal fluids swell up or drop down and the frequency indicates just how volatile the this Supervolcano truly is.

When the first massive volcanic eruption occurred eons ago the volume of material ejected was approximately 6,000 times the size of the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens in Washington. Approximately 1.3 million years ago, a second, smaller volcanic eruption occurred within the western edge and then 640,000 years ago, a third massive volcanic eruption created the Yellowstone Caldera, 30 by 45 miles in size.

This Supervolcano could become the biggest eruption in history!

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