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26 Aug 2016

Erika Tuttle can be considered World Community Grid’s chief detective, since her job duties include searching for everything from website bugs to old invoices.

Erika Tuttle began working on the World Community Grid team in 2009, but she was already very familiar with the project and many other IBM programs. Both of her parents (now retired) were longtime IBM employees who had begun working for the company in the 1960s. “IBM is what my parents talked about at the dinner table,” Erika says. “Sometimes I would go in to the office with my mother, and I thought it was the coolest place. I loved hearing about what she did at work.”

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism, Erika began a career the television industry, eventually becoming a senior producer. But she continued to be interested in IBM. Her mother, longtime program coordinator Tedi Hahn, worked with World Community Grid for many years. As Tedi moved from being a full-time employee to part-time, she began training Erika to handle the program coordinator position.

Tedi retired in 2015, and Erika became the full-time program coordinator. Every day, she dives into areas such as website testing, financial reconciliation, helping to coordinate with IBM’s legal team, managing the World Community Grid forum, and other important operations tasks.

With a busy career and a family, spare time is limited. But she and her family enjoy boating on Lake Lanier and rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs together.

Erika appreciates working with World Community Grid volunteers and with IBMers from around the world. “I really enjoy the international aspect of this job,” she says. “This is a great opportunity to work with people worldwide.”

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