From Advanced LIGO: “Advanced LIGO — The Next Step in Gravitational Wave Astronomy”

Advanced Ligo

Advanced LIGO

Gravitational waves offer a remarkable opportunity to see the universe from a new perspective, providing access to astrophysical insights that are available in no other way. The Initial LIGO gravitational wave detectors completed observations at and beyond their original design sensitivity in 2007, and the data have been interpreted to establish new upper limits on gravitational-wave flux. An additional data run with the modified Enhanced LIGO detectors reached completion in 2010. The Advanced LIGO project will completely upgrade the three U.S. gravitational wave interferometers, bringing these instruments to sensitivities that should make gravitational wave detections a routine occurrence. The U.S. National Science Foundation leads in financial support for Advanced LIGO. Funding organizations in Germany, the U.K. and Australia also have made significant commitments to the project. Together with Advanced Virgo, Advanced LIGO will bring gravitational wave astronomy to maturity.

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