From Fermilab: “Slip stacked beam sent to NuMI in accelerator complex’s new operational mode”

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Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014
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On Friday, Feb. 14, the reconfigured Recycler successfully sent 12 batches of slip stacked beam to the NuMI target.

The Accelerator Division reached a new milestone in the ramp-up of operations at Fermilab’s accelerator complex.

This is the first time the Accelerator Division carried out all the acceleration steps — from the beginning of the accelerator chain to the NuMI target — in the accelerator complex’s high-power operation mode.

Starting in the Booster, the 12 batches of beam were injected into and slip stacked in the Recycler, transferred to the Main Injector, accelerated to 120 GeV and delivered to the NuMI target.

The Accelerator Division will continue to work on gradually increasing the slip-stacked-beam intensity in the Recycler. The goal is to have the reconfigured Recycler fully integrated into the rest of the accelerator complex in May. In the new configuration, the accelerator complex will be able to produce more neutrinos.

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