From Pauline Gagnon at Quantum Diaries: "What’s coming up at CERN in 2013?"

Pauline Gagnon
Pauline Gagnon

“The Year of the Dragon (2012) came with a roar: a wonderful discovery and a greater understanding of how matter works. What might 2013, the Year of the Serpent, have in store for CERN? The serpent could very well represent the long and winding road of the many new upgrades ahead.

On Monday 11 February at 6 am Geneva time, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will stop producing collisions, marking the start of a major overhaul for all accelerators at CERN. This will be the first in a series of three long-shutdowns to allow a complete refurbishing of the main accelerator, the LHC. The goal is to be able to increase its energy from the actual 8 TeV to 13 or even 14 TeV. This means an increased reach for new particles.


This is not just to play a game of ‘my particle is bigger than yours’, but rather an attempt at finding the passageway to new theories. Since energy (E) and mass (m) are two forms of the same essence, as stated by the famous equation E = mc2, where c2 acts as a conversion factor between the two, increasing the accelerator energy will give us the possibility to create particles more massive than we have ever been able to produce before. It will also enhance the production rate of known particles – like the newly discovered boson – to better study them.

It is foreseen that the accelerator complex will come back to life in 2014, with the LHC becoming operational again in 2015.”

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