From CERN Bulletin: “Longer – Faster – Purer”

21 January 2013
Caroline Duc

“The MR-ToF-MS, a new ion trap, has been integrated into ISOLTRAP, the experiment that performs accurate mass measurements on short-lived nuclides produced at ISOLDE. When used as a mass separator and spectrometer, it extends ISOLTRAP’s experimental reach towards the limits of nuclear stability.

Susanne Kreim, the ISOLTRAP local group leader at CERN in front of a part of the ISOLTRAP device.

When mass measurement experiments like ISOLTRAP are placed in an on-line radioactive ion-beam facility they face a major challenge: the efficient and fast transfer of the nuclide of interest to the location where the mass measurement is performed.

The biggest yield of one selected nuclide, without contaminants, needs to be transferred to the set-up as quickly as possible in order to measure its mass with the greatest precision. Recently, the ISOLTRAP collaboration installed a new device that provides a faster separation of isobars. It has significantly improved ISOLTRAP’s purification speed and given access to more exotic species.”

An ion detector was integrated on the left of the multi-reflection time-of-flight mass separator (MR-ToF MS) to allow it to be used as a spectrometer.

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