From Quantum Diaries – Zeynep Isvan on the Value of Domestic Basic Research

Zeynep Isvan

“We physicists are a very international crowd, and proud of it! The opening slide of conference talks typically has a list of institutions and their home countries, frequently pinned on a Google map. This kind of international collaboration is imperative to advancing science. I can’t think of any scientist who would have it any other way. Is it unreasonable, then, to push for domestic science? Is it insignificant whether an experiment is based in one’s home country (i.e. the primary country in which you have a job as a scientist) or elsewhere in the world, as long as it is somewhere?

I think not.”

Read the whole discussion here. Then, draw your own conclusions. From what I have seen, doing the research for posts to this blog, especially in Physics and Astronomy, doing Basic Research is an impossibility on only a domestic platform.

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