From Richard Ruiz at Quantum Diaries: “Searching for Things Not Named “Higgs” Part I: Micro Black Holes”

Richard Ruiz

March 15, 2012

“We know pretty well that gravity exists.

Despite the number of models trying to describe gravity at the most elementary level, there is actually a phenomenon that is surprisingly common to most all of them: they all predict the existence of microscopic black holes, or at least something very close to it.

The black holes that I am talking about, if they exist, are significantly smaller than a proton. The term ‘microscopic’ makes these things sound much bigger than they are. Secondly, the masses of micro-black holes are comparable to the energy of the LHC; consequently, they will evaporate (via Hawking radiation) and disintegrate (decay) within moments of being produced. In the off chance that a stable micro-black hole is generated, then after about 10-25 seconds the thing will decay and burst into a blaze of glory quarks & gluons.”

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