From Anna Phan of US/LHC at Quantum Diaries: “Physicists Eat!”

Anna Phan

“CERN is a pretty interesting place to work, probably more so than other physics laboratories around the world, due to its highly international nature. Here is a nice graphic of the nationalities of all CERN users:


In no place is the international nature of the laboratory more evident than in the main cafeteria on site. While most of the conversations are in English, you can usually hear bits of conversation in other languages. I personally like to play the ‘guess what language that table is speaking’ game, though it’s a little frustrating as I can’t just go over and ask to check if I have it right or not.

USLHC has decided to join in on the cafeteria action, having intern Amy Dusto set up LHC Lunch, a series of articles and videos sourced from lunch time interviews with members of the LHC experiments working for US institutes.”

See Anna’s full post here.

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