From Pauline Gagnon at CERN Via Quantum Diaries: “Charm and beauty: LHCb has it all!”

Pauline Gagnon
November 18, 2011

“This week, the LHCb experiment reported an anomaly they have just observed in the decays of charmed mesons. Could this be the tip of the iceberg for new physics?

As I reported before, the main goal of the LHCb experiment is to use heavy quarks (called beauty and charm quarks) to make precise measurements in the hope of detecting small deviations from the Standard Model, the theoretical framework that has been guiding particle physicists for a few decades. But it has a few known shortcomings that make us think new physics should be discovered soon.

This is a great model that allows theorists to make very accurate predictions. So far, every single one of them has proven to be true but if we were to find a flaw, it would be like discovering the secret passage guiding us further into our investigation of how matter works.

The results presented this week by the LHCb experiment hint in this direction, although as usual, further checks are needed.”

See the full article, very informative, here.

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