From Quantum Diaries: Paul Gagnon on Why the LHC?

“There are bosos and bosons, and if the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) were built only to find the Higgs boson, you would be absolutely right to think all physicists belong to the first category. But the fact is, the LHC does much more than search for Higgs bosons.

Despite the media focusing mainly on the Higgs boson, this search only represents one of the many aspects we hope to cover with the LHC. Granted, the Higgs boson brings such an elegant solution to the problem of the origin of mass that its high popularity among physicists has reached even the general public.

But the LHC could be opening the door to parallel worlds, extra dimensions or the discovery of as many new particles as the ones we already know. These are but some of the exciting questions we are trying to address.”

Paul is a good writer. Please visit his post.
He points to dark matter, asymmetry, the various experiments at CERN, ATLAS, ALICE, CMS, LHCb. He points to galaxy movement. This is a nice overview piece.Check it out.

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