From The US/LHC Blog – Anna Phan: “What made those tracks?”

By Anna Phan

Anna Phan

“Last post I discussed how we reconstruct tracks in LHCb. The next logical step is to talk about how we identify what sort of particle left which track…Only given the parameters of a reconstructed track, there is no way to determine what type of particle left that track. More information is required and that is where the RICH1 and RICH2 detectors come in.

The identity of a particle can be determined from its mass. The mass of a particle can be determined from its momentum and speed. The momentum of a charged particle is measured by its deflection in a magnetic field. The purpose of the RICH detectors is to match this information with a measurement of the particle’s speed.”

At this point, the discussion starts to get very technical, so I leave you in Anna” good hands.

The LHCb detector. Anna Phan is on the LHCb team

The full article is here.