From The US/LHC Blog: Anna Phan “LUMI LEVELING: What, Why and How?”

Anna is new to the US/LHC Blog. She is a delight to read.

Anna Phan

“I’m interrupting my descriptions of LHCb to discuss something more relevant to the current status of the LHC. Namely this LHC status from just after midnight the other day:


Ken [Bloom] has already discussed the luminosity record in this post, and today I’ll be discussing luminosity leveling (LUMI LEVELING).

Aidan has timely discussed what luminosity is in this post where he said that larger instantaneous luminosity means having more events, we want to do everything we can to increase instantaneous luminosity.

“…if you’ve been looking at the LHC luminosity plots for 2011, like the one for peak instantaneous luminosity below, you might have noticed that the instantaneous luminosities of ALICE and LHCb are lower than those of ATLAS and CMS. ”


Now things get technical, so here is the link for the post. Give Anna kudos – oh, wait, now I think it is props – for another great post.